Yard is developing sink holes

Asked May 21, 2018, 2:24 PM EDT

Hello, I've lived at my house for 10 years, and sink holes have always been a problem. They have recently gotten quite deep however, and one of them is more than a 2 feet deep, may go even further under my concrete walkway. They are varying sizes, mostly about a foot wide. I used to fill them in with soil, but as they keep re-appearing, I'm wondering if I need to talk to a drainage expert? My street is on a slope, and when water drains down the slope, it is probably pooling in unwanted areas. Thank you, Angela Terek

Montgomery County Maryland

1 Response

Sink holes due to geology are not common in your area. See here: http://www.mgs.md.gov/geology/geohazards/sinkhole_resources.html
They can be caused by other things however.
We suggest contacting your local government for help determining what is the problem is and how to fix it. See this page for info on calling Montgomery County 311, as well as the Rainscapes program that may be able to help.
You could also try our local Soil Conservation Office: https://www.montgomeryscd.org/contact