Luscious pear tree pollination

Asked May 20, 2018, 7:52 PM EDT

I know the u of mn says luscious pears cannot pollinate another tree, but I'd like to ask this anyway and appreciate the help. We bought a early gold and a luscious pear tree, believing they would pollinate each other. Since multiple web sites say luscious cannot pollinate another tree, we contacted the greenhouse where we bought the trees and another local nursery. Both said we should have no problems. Which is it? I would hate to wait years to find out we'll never get fruit on one tree. Appreciate the help!

Stearns County Minnesota

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"See this publication from SDSU which introduced Luscious and Gourmet pears.
Both do not produce viable pollen. They are inter species hybrids so presumably meiosis in male gametogenesis is sufficiently disrupted to result in male sterility.
In our breeding, we have been able to use Luscious as a female parent but not as a male parent.