My Mighty Conifer Tree Looking Sad and Brown - Help!

Asked May 20, 2018, 5:39 PM EDT

We just noticed a lot of brown needles on our conifer (I think it is a hemlock). It has never had so much brown before. We on located on the North Fork of Long Island. I don’t think there’s been any major changes that would cause stressors like a really bad winter or other conditions I have read about here. I am concerned this could be a blight or other disease. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated?

Suffolk County New York

1 Response

Thank you for writing to us, and please accept my apology for the delay in responding to you. From your photos, the tree does not appear to be a hemlock although I am not able to see the needles clear enough to identify it.

There are many possible reasons for the browning needles but this is extremely difficult to diagnose from photographs. Has there been any digging within the root zone area in the last year? I'm inclined to suggest that the tree may have suffered some root damage.

If not, it would be best to consult a certified arborist. Often they will come out to look over a tree without obligation to you. They would be aware of potential pests in your area.