Leaf identification, probably from a tree

Asked May 20, 2018, 2:28 PM EDT

Attached a picture. In past week have found many, many of these leaves in a section of my back yard. Nearby trees are kousa dogwood, Dutch elm, poplar, pyracantha. Cannot identify where these leaves are coming from and do not recall ever seeing them before. Thought at first something from dogwoods since the blooms have just come out, but have another kousa dogwood in front and no leaves like this anywhere. Can you please identify? Thanks!!

Montgomery County Maryland

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These look like petals from the flower of tulip poplar, Liriodendron tulipifera.


Thank you. The poplar is so tall with so much hidden by two elms, that I never noticed the flowers....not in over 44 years here. Looking from more of a distance I can see the top of the tree and the flowers. Can't see anything from ground level in the yard. Then with all the rain and wind an unusual amount came down all at once.

You're welcome! You might be able to find fallen seed pods (photo at the Virginia Tech link above) later on in the autumn and winter.