Adjusting pH of soil for blueberries

Asked May 20, 2018, 2:36 AM EDT

Is vinegar (white or not) an option for adjusting pH for blueberries' soil? Some sites say it's fine, others say absolutely not. Two other quick-acting ways to lower soil pH that I have seen recommended are aluminum sulfate and ammonium sulfate. Your recommendations please? I need it to be easy as my back reacts badly to extended bending. I really appreciate this service you offer.

Lane County Oregon

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Blueberries may be grown in large pots in a soil suitable to them. . If you feel you can't lower the pH enough another strategy is to dig a planting pit and sink a garbage can or some other type of lining with the bottom cut to facilitate drainage, fill it with the soil they love, and continue acid producing amendments in that area only.