Fungus or rust on pears

Asked May 19, 2018, 11:32 AM EDT

We have an established pear tree (30+ years old). This year there is a fungus/rust on many of the small pears. I really would appreciate any advice you can offer to save our pear harvest this year. Thanks in advance. Brenda

Yamhill County Oregon

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It looks like your pear has a fungus called “Pacific Coast Pear Rust”. To complete its life cycle, this fungus alternates between pears and incense cedar. This fungus becomes a problem every few years. When the pear is flowering, the fungus is producing fruiting spores that look like orange jelly on cedar trees. Spring rains spread the spores to pear flowers. Control sprays need to be applied while the tree is blooming, so it is too late this year. Plus there are no chemicals registered for homeowner use. This year, keep fallen fruit and leaves picked up. You might consider removing incense cedar trees if they are on your property. For more details, follow this link to the Pacific Coast Pear Rust page from the OSU Extension Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Handbook.