plant resistant to sidewalk salt

Asked May 18, 2018, 6:56 PM EDT

Although actually not part of our property, we are obligated by the City of Edina to maintain a narrow strip of boulevard that abutts the public sidewalk in front of our property. Numberous times each winter, the city plows this public sidewalk which means a lot of salt from the road get dumped on this narrow strip. A number of years ago, I planted Spirea but, each year my husband and I have been removing them one by one as they eventurally die. This narrow strip of land also abutts a Fond du Lac retaining wall (public sidewalk-boulevard-retaining wall) erected by the city many years ago. There is some evidence that Voles are posibly living in the wall, although only in a small section of the wall. I suppose I should first have a pest exterminator out to check for Voles but, if there is a problem and if that problem is corrected, what road salt tolerant plant ie., shrub perennial etc.should I consider when replacing the Spirea. While driving around the city and elsewhere, I have noticed plants living right up next to the roads and, they seem to be quite healty. I don't know what plants they are. It was our arborist who suggested I contact you for suggestions. I hope you can help. I'm truly at a loss as to what to do. Thank you, Pat

Hennepin County Minnesota

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For perrenials see: 1. And also: 2. 3. For shrubs and small trees see: 1. 2.