Boxwood problem

Asked May 18, 2018, 11:49 AM EDT

This boxwood is growing on the west side of the property in filtered sunlight, Last year I suspected winter damage and cut out the straw colored branches. Now I’m wondering if the problem is Volutella ? Can this boxwood be diagnosed with pictures or should I send in samples ?

Carroll County Maryland

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Volutella blight is fairly common on boxwoods. You would have to look very closely at the leaves to see if there are signs of peach colored fungus. This page has a good close-up image of what the fungus looks like.
If you do see this symptom, management options are provided on this page of our website:

That said, there are other issues that can cause a bronzing coloration in boxwoods -- winter damage and leaf miner damage.

We recommend that you prune these boxwoods to thin them out. They have become overgrown and the dense foliage makes a humid environment that favors fungal growth like Volutella. Remove any dead branches and thin out the shrubs to allow for increased air circulation. Boxwoods handle pruning well and new shoots will develop from the lower stems. Take a look at our video on boxwood pruning for guidance on how to do it.