Organic insecticide for cabbages, kale, and salad greens

Asked May 18, 2018, 11:32 AM EDT


something is leaving small holes in my cabbage and kale, and I am concerned it might eat my spinach and lettuce also.

What is an organic herbicide that can be used to kill or repel these pests?

Clare County Michigan

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Have you seen any insects? a tiny black beetle perhaps that runs under the leaf when it perceives you? Canyou tell me what county you live in so I can check if these guys are out and about yet?

In the interest of solving this problem as quickly as possible.... please look at "slug damage on leaves" and "flea beetle damage on leaves" on Google images.
I am assuming what you describe is flea beetle damage. They appear in the garden early. The young ones cannot fly and scoot to the underside of the leave when they perceive danger. The older ones can fly. They eat many very small holes in the leaves of plants and cause much damage.
Please refer to the information on these pests on the following web site: "Flea Beetles in the Home Garden"
The first chemical in this article mentiones is pyrethrin. This substance was originally
made from chrysanthemum flowers.
You can find both synthetic and natural pyrethrin sprays. I would look online first as they might not all be available in stores near you.