which viburnum is this?

Asked May 17, 2018, 7:14 PM EDT

I was given a baby plant as a gift by an acquaintance of ours, who just said it was a Viburnum, and I am not sure which Viburnum is this. I saw the parent bush at his house (near Cold Spring in NY) (planted by a landscaper) in the fall, - it was very big, and had tons of beautiful red berries. My Viburnum didn't bloom last year, but this year I spotted a couple of flowers, but I still can't identify this variety by pictures I found on the Internet. The flowers look exactly like those of Viburnum alnifolium, however, the leaves are somewhat different. Thanking you in advance.

Orange County New York viburnum

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Your viburnum appears to be a doublefile viburnum, that is Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum or one of it's cultivars. The tomentosum varieties have the flat topped flower clusters and later fruit that you are seeing but are like species the in leaf shape. This tear sheet from the Missouri Botanical Garden describes one of the popular cultivars ('Mariesii') as well as the characteristics of the tomentosum form in general.