panicle hydrangea pruning

Asked May 17, 2018, 5:20 PM EDT

Hello! My panicle hydrangea was getting out of hand with new growth so I cut it back today. I want it to have a canopy/ tree like form. I am worried that I cut too many thick branches and i've created an irreversible problem. I snapped a pic... what do you think? Will it be ok? Thank you, Laura

Howard County Maryland

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It looks to me like it will be okay. The plant might need staking as it develops flowers and gets heavy top growth, but overall the plant appears to be nice and healthy. Pruning panicle hydrangeas in the spring helps to manage their size and will actually enhance flowering as well. They will have larger flowers on stronger stems if you prune to within two buds of their bases in mid-spring. This usually means leaving about 2 inches of last year's stems.


Thank you so much! Really appreciate the info and admire ppl like you who study nature. :-)

Thank you for your very nice comment. :-)