Asked May 17, 2018, 12:34 PM EDT

Is there a way to contain the spread of this bamboo? I’m trying to prevent it from taking over the garden area. The owner tried cutting some ofthe bamboo that is behind his garden 2 years ago. Now it is starting to spread into beds inside the garden. How can it be contained?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Bamboo is invasive and there are no easy answers.
Restricting unwanted bamboo spread can be accomplished through sturdy barriers and by cutting back new shoots. In Maryland, bamboo has a distinct period of shooting, March through May. If cut back at this time, new shoots will not grow. To prevent the bamboo from spreading in your yard the best solution is installing a barrier in the soil. Even a barrier needs to be inspected periodically to make sure the bamboo does not “jump” over it. Annual trenching around the clump and careful removal of all traces of the rhizomes will contain it as well. Please see the following short video on the subject
and our archived Newsletter of Summer 2012

Bamboo shoots that are invading your vegetable garden - All you can do is dig
down into the soil with a shovel and rip out the rhizomes. No chemical control is recommended in a vegetable garden You will have to keep after this.
Here is our publication on bamboo