tulip stems

Asked May 17, 2018, 9:26 AM EDT

I have a neighbor who has featured tulips in her yard for years. She has early, mid and late tulips and has divided them and continued several kinds of tulips for year. She has standard management of the tulips. This year, first time ever, she sees drooping tulips in several kinds of mid season tulips. This did not show up in the early ones. Tulips are in several locations around her yard in the country. It isn't herbicide drift. She's a farmer and would be aware of this condition. Question is if this condition is occuring in other areas this spring with the extra moisture. The stems seem unable to fully support the bloom. Thoughts on this environmental or viral?? condition?

Clay County South Dakota

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I suspect that this is an environmental problem. The excess soil moisture may be limiting oxygen in the soil that is not allowing the roots to function like they should. On top of this we have suddenly been experiencing above normal temperatures, so the plants are not able to take up enough water with the sudden need for more water, even though the soil is wet. This problem should subside on its own.