OAK Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Asked May 16, 2018, 7:20 PM EDT

Can a homeowner perform the treatment for Bacterial Leaf Scorch on an Oak tree, or must an arborist be used? Any suggestions for good arborists in the Montgomery County south area.

Montgomery County Maryland bacterial leaf scorch oak tree

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Red oaks are prone to bacterial scorch. Symptoms typically appear in mid to late summer on lower branches as irregular marginal browning on interior leaves. Take a look at our website for more information and photos. This disease can be slow. It can take over 10 years to develop and if the tree is stressed can be as little as 5 years. There are no good treatment options. Antibiotic trunk injections have shown promise but they only relieve symptoms and don’t provide a cure. This would have to be applied by a certified arborist.
Water during dry periods. Our fall seasons especially can tend to be dry. Prune dead wood.

We do not test for bacterial leaf scorch. However, you can send us digital photos of the whole tree, around the base, and affected foliage so we can see what you may be dealing with in the summer.
Here is a link for certified arborists http://www.treesaregood.org/