replacement for liriope

Asked May 16, 2018, 3:24 PM EDT

I have liriope along the border of a tiered garden. I'd like to replace it with a native sedge. Mostly sun maybe late in the day area gets pt shade. Behind it will grow native grass that gets tall (can't remember) and newly planted witch hazel trees. Would purple love grass be a good replacement. If you could suggest some I'd greatly appreciate it. I have one other question about sedge. The kind that spreads, can you plant native plants between it? Thank you so much. You have always been a great help!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Blue wood sedge (Carex glaucodea) is considered a good native alternative to Liriope. It prefers partial shade to full shade though, so, depending on the amount of shade your area gets in the afternoon this may not be ideal.
Many of our native Carexes that like full sun also like very wet soil. The purple lovegrass can take dry-medium soil and full sun, so that would be an option. You might also want to consider little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) or pussytoes (Antennaria), both of which are also native.