Mature large magnolia issue

Asked May 16, 2018, 8:16 AM EDT

two questions: 1) I've had this grand magnolia in my yard for years and it has always been healthy with large dinner plate blossoms. Suddenly, it had dropped leaves, leaves had yellowed with splotches, and leaves are curled. See attached. Can you tell me what could be the issue and what is the cure? 2) On a different note, can mulch cause issues? I ask because the only change was that a landscaper mulched for me.

Calvert County Maryland southern magnolia trees

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What your describing is not an unusual occurrence for a southern magnolia this time of year. Even though these trees are evergreen they can drop large amounts of older leaves. They can yellow quite suddenly and the loss can look pretty dramatic. We did have a harsh winter. It was dry, cold and windy which may have caused this to be a bit worse and more noticeable this spring. We also had a dry fall so the tree went into the winter probably needing water. Is the tree producing new growth and how does that look? So for now, just keep an eye on the tree. It should start to look better as the season continues.


That is really good news and a relief! Thanks for sharing your expertise. It is truly appreciated.

The camellia has lots of healthy looking new growth. I am not positive about the magnolia yet, but yes, there is some new growth...lots of blooms although I am not sure yet, how healthy. Thank you!