Chickweed and ground ivy in lawn

Asked May 15, 2018, 4:49 PM EDT

We have a section of lawn that was disturbed by construction and not seeded immediately so chickweed is now rampant. Another part of our lawn has been invaded by ground ivy. We tried applying BONIDE Chickweed Clover & Oxalis Killer (contains MCPA, Triclopyr, and Dicamba) 3 weeks ago but have not noticed much impact. What are your suggestions? THANKS!!!

Frederick County Maryland lawns and turf lawn weeds

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If the area is more than 40-50% weeds you may need to use a non-selective herbicide that contains glyphosate and then reseed. If you reseed the area now, it will have to be watered throughout the growing season.
Three weeks ago our weather was very dry and plants were already a bit stressed which could explain why the herbicide did not work well. However, It should have worked better on the chickweed than the ground ivy (this is a difficult weed to control). Ground ivy needs to be sprayed at least two or three times to even begin to control it. The last spray of the season should happen in the early fall.
The long-term approach to managing ground ivy begins with an evaluation of the growing conditions of your lawn. Typically, ground ivy is present because conditions are not favorable for turf growth. Shade, moist soils, low pH, and poor fertility encourages the growth of ground ivy. Addressing these issues should overall reduce your lawn weeds. Also, mow height the grass no shorter than 3 inches.