Micro greens

Asked May 15, 2018, 2:52 PM EDT

I'm growing micro greens in my home for the first time. I used a 10 X 20 plastic growing tray. I planted kale, beet, cilantro and arugula seeds in 4 blocks. The arugula is going nuts, kale starting to sprout, finally 2 sprouts from the beets and the cilantro seeds are getting all moldy. Not sprouting. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please? Also, please share any links that may be helpful for info on growing micro greens and salad greens indoors. Thank you

Carver County Minnesota

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My understanding is that growing micro greens is no different than growing lettuce, beets, kale, etc., except you harvest them at a very early stage. The rules for "starting seeds indoors" still apply. Read here:

They need warmth, light (sunny window is usually not sufficient) and moisture.

Some seeds germinate very quickly, lettuce, for example. Others, such as beets, take longer. You didn't mention what temperature you are keeping your trays at, but perhaps you should use warming mats. These will reduce damping off and speed germination.

Another suggestion would be to concentrate on one or two varieties. The plants you mention have different germination periods, heat requirements, moisture needs, etc.