new fruit tree question

Asked May 15, 2018, 1:04 PM EDT

Bing Cherry Tree. Purchased 2 and planted according to providers instructions. Immediately seeing the leaves falling off. Watered by soaking bulb and surrounding area. Same result. Watered 2 days later and trees have not perked up. Live in Andover in an area known as the Anoka sandbar area. Thought that may have been an issue but saw an article where sand was recommended for another person having an problems. Need assistance ASAP to avoid losing trees. Thank you

Anoka County Minnesota

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I hope the vendor gave you a good guarantee. Even if your trees manage to survive transplant shock (what I'm guessing you are dealing with), Bing cherries are not reliably hardy in Minnesota.

Read here about transplant shock:

Bare root stock (is that what you have?) needs to be treated very carefully when planting. The roots can never be allowed to dry out. Read here about transplanting trees:

And read here about growing cherries in Minnesota: