Rose of sharon 2ish year old cutting

Asked May 14, 2018, 10:37 PM EDT

I have a 2ish year old cutting from a rose of sharon. Original cutting was 5 inches. It lost it leaves after last summer but as it was still pretty short i brought it inside over the winter. It started new growth in jan/feb and flowered in March. But now the leaves are curling. They are not falling off or yellowing and they wont pull off. Not sure what i should do. Its a cutting from my husbands grandmas plant that is no longer around so i need this baby to live. 1st pic is the original cutting after 1ish months, then a pic from march(ignore me) and the last is yesterday

New York

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Rose of Sharon is a hardy hibiscus plant that thrives outdoors in our area even in difficult conditions. It needs a minimum of plentiful sun and a soil that drains well. It may die back (lose leaves) as yours did in the winter if the plant is stressed or not strong enough.

Indoors, It may be lacking the sun it needs. Also, your plant needs very little water during the winter and has probably been overwatered. If it has been kept overly moist in its pot, the roots may have been damaged.

Turn your plant out of its pot and look at the roots; they should be strong and white. If the root ball is soggy and there are roots that are brown and soft, excess moisture is the problem. You can cut away any damaged roots and repot in good quality planting mix in a pot with a drain hole. Do not let the plant sit in a saucer of water after you water it.

Once repotted, find your plant a spot with plenty of sun and keep it away from drafts in the winter.

You could alternatively find it a fully sunny spot in your garden (if you are in zone 6 or warmer) where it will be somewhat protected from strong winds, and prepare the soil with lots of good compost so that water will drain freely. Do not feed it after mid summer or it can send up lots of new growth that isn't strong enough to survive the winter. Keep an eye on it in dry spells and make sure it has water.

Good luck!