Asked May 14, 2018, 2:23 PM EDT

Hi, I live in Parkville and love my 2 ash trees. each year the leaves come in last and leave first. This year they are barely coming in at all and the bark looks all spotty. someone told me over the weekend about the ash borerer bug. i think I have it!!! have they all but killed my trees?? can they be saved? can someone come and look at it??? I live very close by.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We do not make home visits. You would have to contact a certified arborist to come out and do an assessment of your tree. You can find a certified arborist using this website:
That said, many ash trees are dying in Maryland now due to emerald ash borer damage. You can learn about this invasive pest here:
If less than one-third of your tree's canopy is damaged, you have the option to have a landscaper/certified pesticide applicator treat your treat with a systemic pesticide that will help to control the pest. If more than one-third of the tree is damaged -- or if there are no new leaves at all -- then you should have the tree removed. Ash trees become brittle quickly when they die, and they can be a hazard to people and property. Only professionals should remove ash trees. Again, it is best to contact a certified arborist.