Septic System Repair

Asked May 14, 2018, 11:47 AM EDT

My leach field has apparently failed to the point that every time it rains hard, the tanks fill up. I live on a small lake on a small lot in a 2 bedroom house (was a cottage). There 2 people in the house. Faced with a major expense to replace the leach field and maybe other repairs, I have thought about converting to an aerobic system (would be better for the lake I think) My trouble is that I want to locate some contractors that work in the area (Oakland Township) that have expertise with aerobic household systems. I have looked online and can't seem to identify anyone with that expertise. Can you steer me in the right direction to some resource or site that would list these contractors so that I might get some quotes for the conversion?

Oakland County Michigan

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I will check with several experts in the septic field (no pun intended!) and get back to you as soon as possible.

I contacted both a Health Dept. supervisor and a Professor emeritus at MSU about your question.

From the MSU Professor:

The first assumption here seems to be that the leach field is holding water and water is backing up from the leach field into the tanks. That may be but there’s also a possibility that surface water is getting into the tank and filling tanks and leach field. I would ask if perhaps something has changed to divert more surface water toward the tanks and the field, either roof water or water from the surroundings.

An aerobic treatment system may be an appropriate solution if, in fact, a failed leach field is the only problem. However, before investing in an ATU I would certainly investigate more. The tanks may leak and are just filling up from excess water in the soil or surface water is being directed over the tanks and infiltrating into them. If existing tanks are to be used, they should be tested to determine if they are watertight.

I think Norweco has a dealer in the area, but I have not been able to verify that. The most active ATU dealer/ installer that I know of is Ben Foster in Gratiot county. He covers a fairly large area so may be able to help.His phone number is 989-330-6199.

I would be happy to talk to this system owner if they would like to talk to someone before they contact a contractor.
Please contact me directly at for the Professor's contact information.
My HD expert had a suggestion for contacting a business that might be able to assist you:
As a starting point, I would contact Milan Supply 888-891-7851. They are a supplier of onsite wastewater advanced treatment system and are very knowledgeable. Ask to speak with Ron Lindsey or Marty DeRocca.