Asked May 14, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

I have quite a bit of pachysandra around my house and I’ve noticed this spring that some of it doesnt look so healthy ( see pictures). I’m unsure whether I have a problem that should’ve treated or perhaps if it’s simply because we had a long fall and harsh winter/spring and I should just remove the bad looking stuff.

Wayne County Michigan

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Pachysandra is usually a happy groundcover but one of its biggest problems is volutella blight. If it spreads it can wipe out big patches of green. Although the pattern of the leaf blotches is a little unclear, it would be prudent to treat this as if "volutella" was the culprit here. Other possible diseases would be treated similarly. You are probably correct in thinking the weather played a role . Damaged plants from foot traffic, raking, etc. could also open the plants up to infection. Check out the following links to see how to control/manage this disease.

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