Blueberries drying up

Asked May 13, 2018, 4:54 PM EDT

I live in Central California. I have two containers of blueberries. For some reason in May of this year both containers of bb's are drying up before maturing. The foliage looks great. I was very careful with water - not too much, nor too little. I purchased the bb's from a nursery and transplanted them to a larger pot (about 18"). What is going on? I did not notice any sort of disease or parasite. I will GREATLY appreciate help! (-:

Placer County California

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That does not sound familiar.
Sounds like the bush is doing fine.
I assume it is the fruit that is shriveling and falling off.
It is unlikely to be mummy berry
Here is a link to some disease discriptions.
Do you know the variety?
Elliott has a berry shrivel problem some years here in Michigan.
Draper has a berry drop problem in the Pacific Northwest