Mountain pine beetle

Asked May 13, 2018, 11:32 AM EDT

Good Morning,

My husband and I have been getting firewood from a supplier who is clearing his property after the Black Forrest Fire. He chops it an delivers it to our shed. Over the last few weeks we have noticed dozens of small black beetles in the shed that we think are Mountain Pine Beetles. We have a few questions. What can we do to prevent an infestation- there is currently little evidence of beetle kill in the Monument Hill area where we live. We don't want to be responsible for an outbreak. Would getting rid of the firewood now be helpful at all? The shed is 10 feet from the chicken coop- would the chickens eat the beetles? Will spraying help? if so, how would you recommend we go about that? Should we burn all f the wood now and then spray the shed? Would Guinea Fowl help? Will the beetles infect any other wood in the shed? Could we cover the wood in black plastic and leave it out in the sun to kill the beetles with heat or put heaters in the shed on a sunny day? How long would we have to heat it for?

Thank you for helping us with this,
Ross and Christy Ledgerwood

El Paso County Colorado

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Thank you for your question. Below are links that provide details on how to manage firewood that is infested with beetles. See second link - perhaps the infestation is not Mountain Pine Beetle??

How to manage infested firewood -

I am unable to answer questions about chickens and/or guinea fowl. Master Gardeners are not trained in these areas. I believe the other questions you have asked are addressed in the information provided via the links.

I applaud your attention to detail and concern for your neighbors.