Asked May 12, 2018, 11:10 AM EDT

hi. I'm so glad someone is here to help people number 1. Can you please tell me if this is bedbugs? There have been approximately 7 tenants in my apartment that is a county housing department and I am completely infested and in a complete panic as I just moved my other in with me that is disabled as well as I. Can you help please?

Bell County Texas

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Your pictures, unfortunately, are not very clear, so I cannot say with certainty; but from the shapes I see these do not look like insects or bed bugs (irregular shaped rather than symmetrical). Here are some pictures of bed bugs and bed bug signs that may be helpful to you You are most likely to find bed bugs in your bed room , on your mattress, inside or under your box spring, or bed frame. Sofas and stuffed furniture are additional sites where bed bugs are likely to hide.

Also, for general information about bed bugs, go to my general page on bed bugs at