Is the Sago plant still alive?

Asked May 11, 2018, 4:58 PM EDT

Hi,I have a question about a sago plant that went through the freeze this past winter. My other 3 made it ok.but this sago had some difficulty before the freeze . Let me explain. , years ago,it had gotten diseased,and the white spots were showing all over the franz. I made a mistake by asking a home depot person,and they advised me to spray this liquid on it,that I found out later to be poison. The top franz grew again,only to be very small,and not many appeared.,and looked sickly from then on. In March,unlike the others,there is no growth at all,compared to the other 3 sagos. The entire top of the s?go looks distorted. I am wondering if I could saw off the top half,and would it possibly grow back./ Or just mix some root stimulator,and see if I could jump start its growth again. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.! Thank you,Brent in Houston

Harris County Texas

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Can you attach some pictures of the sago showing affected areas?


Hi Paul,
I am having a difficult time attaching the sago photo to this email,I am now writing to you on.
I sent it to,but it was returned undeliverable.
Not sure what I did wrong.?
Can you email me at : and I will reply back to you.
Thank you,


Send the pics to the address below.