Blue spruce

Asked May 11, 2018, 3:56 PM EDT

Hello. Supposedly, this is a blue spruce but it doesn't appear as one. Do you agree? I bought this with the dirt/bulb and it sat in back of pick up until March before transplanting. Farm said that would be fine since it would be dormant. To load and unload it took a lot of effort and tree was on side several times. There are branches, mainly on onesie that have lost their needles. Other parts of the tree appear to have new growth. Is the needle loss from deer/ mistreatment/ or a possible disease? Anything I can do?

Baltimore County Maryland

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The tree looks like a blue spruce. Some cultivars have green needles.
The needle loss is not from deer damage. The tree sounds like it has been through some stress. It is also possible that you may be dealing with a needlecast disease such as Rhizosphaeria needle cast. Here is more about it.
It looks like there is some patchy sections of needle loss. Prune out dead branches. Look for new growth and observe the growth of the tree. We do not recommend a chemical control.

You can mulch around the base of the tree with an organic mulch no thicker than several inches to conserve soil moisture and keep weeds down. Keep mulch away from the base of the trunk. Check the soil moisture at least once a week and water if the soil dries out. Here is more information on post planting care