Wine and Roses Weigela

Asked May 11, 2018, 11:13 AM EDT

We have 9 of these shrubs in our landscaping and they are all mature plants 5+ years. None of them are showing any signs of life or growth. They still have dry, curled leaves from last fall. What could possible have taken all of these plants at once? My others shrubs Japanese Lilacs are doing fine and the trees and plants are coming in fine. Any thoughts? Do I pull them all out, or could they still come around? Dakota County.

Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

The winter could have been too hard on them. We didn't have a lot of snow cover early in the winter and this can cause damage to the plant because they're roots aren't insulated that well.

Before you pull them all out though, you should make sure they're actually dead. If you scratch a bit of the top layer of the trunk and you see green, they still have life in them. If it's brown, they could be dead.

If you're still seeing green, they may benefit from a rejuvenating prune, where you cut back the shrubs to just above their crown - about 5 inches up from the soil. Be aware that if you decide to do this, you won't have blooms for a year or so.