Birch tree

Asked May 11, 2018, 10:49 AM EDT

Suddenly the leaves are falling from our cut leaf birch tree. The leaves appear healthy however they're falling as if it were autumn. On the phone Swingle said it was squirrels eating the leaves but there are no eating marks and the leaves are everywhere so I don't believe the "guess" by Swingle.

Denver County Colorado

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Squirrels do a lot of tree damage but typically they chew stems (and peel off bark) so the fallen tree parts contain woody twigs in addition to leaves. If your tree is dropping only leaves, it suggests more of an cultural condition or possibly an insect issue.

European White Birch (Betula pendula) can run into problems when they are grown too dry. Winter watering can be critical when there is no snow cover, and since we experienced a very dry fall/winter, it is very possible that your premature leaf drop is related.

I recommend you get an arborist out to do an on-site evaluation.

I sprayed the tree with Ortho bug be gone Max and the dropping leaves stopped just as quickly as they began and things seem to be normal. Go figure.

So glad your problem has stopped! It is hard to diagnose pest or disease problems without seeing the tree or the environment. Glad you had a good outcome.