Maple Tree Did Not Bud

Asked May 10, 2018, 2:42 PM EDT

Our maple tree did not bud this year, in addition it has large black patches appearing in the bark and at knots on the trunk. The black spot that I can access almost looks like a mold, or fungus maybe. I hate to lose this tree but am unsure of what is happening to it.

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Unfortunately, it is hard to tell what is going on with the tree from the photos. You can tell if the tree is alive by gently scraping a branch with your fingernail, just enough to remove a thin strip of just the outer layer. It should be green underneath (cambium) if it is alive. If one branch seems dead, try another few. Unfortunately, since it did not bud out this year, the tree may have died.

You might consider contacting a certified arborist to look at your tree in person. Please see the links below to a couple of organizations that you can refer to in order to find a certified arborist. Here are two websites where you can find an arborist: American Society of Consulting Arborists: and International Society of Arboriculture: