Help! Previous fails with succulents

Asked May 10, 2018, 12:25 AM EDT

I have a terrible track record with plants and even succulents. So much so I gave up on them for years. BUT I recently wanted to get back into them - so I need help. :) what kind of succulent is this? And are the little ones growing out the side going to be their own plant? One fell off yesterday and it had a teeeny tiny root so I put it in soil just in case- but I put it in and immediately watered the soil. Now I'm thinking I should not have done so. What's the best for replanting those. I saw videos on propagation but these are different than that! Thanks!! Also do you think watering once a week is too much?! See picture below:

Boulder County Colorado

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Thanks for your question!

The plant that you have is an Sempervivum, commonly referred to as 'Hen and Chicks'.

The common name, Hen and Chicks, was derived from the vegetative offsets, or new plants that mature Sempervivum produces. The mature plant, the hen, develops numerous offsets, chicks, which surround the mature plant until the offsets are mature enough to support themselves. In nature, the offsets break away from the hen once they are mature, but they can also be pulled or cut off and transplanted in the home garden. The hen actually benefits from the removal of offsets because a lot of energy is used to supporting the offsets (chicks).

Many succulents are desert plants (meaning they are hardy, and can store water to survive drought conditions). This means that you do not need to water them often. Instead of a weekly watering schedule, the best thing to do would be to feel the moisture in the soil. By inserting your finger within the top inch of the potting substrate, you can feel whether or not the plant needs a drink (using the dryness of the soil as a guide).

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