Donkey Manure

Asked May 9, 2018, 9:54 PM EDT

We have two miniature donkeys. Can we put their manure in our compost or garden?

Clackamas County Oregon

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Hello, donkey manure should compost quite well. I expect it is similar to horse manure, which has a lower N content than a lot of other manures, so it won't act like a N fertilizer. It does contain a lot of organic matter and other nutrients though.

If it's mixed with a lot of wood shavings from their bedding, it can immobilize N while it decomposes. Human pathogens like E. coli can also be present in the manure. For these reasons I would suggest that you compost it. If you'd rather not compost it, I would suggest incorporating it into the soil a couple months before planting a crop so that the pathogens and the risk of N immobilization have passed.

Here is a publication on backyard composting:
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