stilt grass

Asked May 9, 2018, 3:47 PM EDT

Would you be kind enough to suggest a product that will kill stilt grass without harming surrounding grass or nearby vegetation, trees, bushes, etc. I used a product purchased at Home Depot that was so strong it killed a nearby healthy oak tree, 2 old crepe myrtles, and other plants. Also what types of soil is best for container gardening for tomato plants? Thank you,

Montgomery County Maryland

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Stiltgrass is not hard to kill, but it requires persistence and vigilance.

For stiltgrass control in a lawn (or elsewhere, such as ornamental beds) use a crabgrass pre-emergence herbicide. These are granular, and should be applied about the time that forsythia blooms are fading and falling (like now.) It varies somewhat by weather from year to year. Look for Prodiamine as an ingredient. (Pendamenthalin has also been reported to be one of the better ingredients for stiltgrass.)

If you have a big patch, you can spray with a product containing glyphosate--but beware of any other herbicides mixed with it. Read the label VERY carefully to learn what it will kill. Glyphosate itself is a total vegetation killer, so when working around desirable plants, use a shield of cardboard or plastic to keep the spray off of them.

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As for the container soil, here is our webpage on that: Tomatoes do not require special soil. However, it is important to know when and how to fertilize. Search 'tomatoes' on our website for cultural info on tomatoes.