Crepe myrtle dying?

Asked May 9, 2018, 12:42 PM EDT

Just noticed my crate Myrtle has brown turned in leaves and the top of it appears to be dying off. I sprayed it with an anti-fungicide which does not seem to help I've watered it, I'm just not sure what's happening with it. I am enclosing pictures Thank you very much for any assistance

Harford County Maryland

2 Responses

On some crape myrtles, the newly emerging foliage can have a reddish color like this when it first comes out. This is normal. Do the any of the tips of the leaves look brown and feel crispy? If so, it is possible that there was some foliar burn if you applied the fungicide on a hot day. Hold off on spraying any further and wait to see how the foliage looks in about two weeks or so.


Thank you for your help, much appreciated. My neighbor told me pretty much the same thing but I needed you to confirm it... Thanks again!