Two white firs have bit the dust :-(

Asked May 9, 2018, 6:57 AM EDT

Good day! Over the last two summers we’ve lost two white firs that were part of a recent landscaping project. We believe we’ve provided ample watering (perhaps too much?) and care. However, we noticed a steady decline of the fir’s new growth and then the subsequent brown branches begin to appear as the summer goes by. We previously had a very large white pine near this location. Any thoughts?? Many thanks!!!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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The following sites will help you diagnose why the older, inner needles are turning brown and dropping on your fir and spruce trees. A hand lens will help you find the tiny fungal signs on the needles.

Common diseases are Cytospora canker and Rhizosphera needlecast.

Thanks sir! I thought it may be the same things as mentioned in these sites, but entire branches turn brown. No new growth appears and now I think she's already dead.