Asked May 9, 2018, 6:41 AM EDT

Despite having had a lawn service my front yard is now close to 100% crabgrass. Please help me. It is awful. I love birds and nature and want to solve my problem as soon as possible but am ready to set it on fire. I thought to kill it by spraying it with Roundup that I hate but cover the area sprayed with a tarp as I proceed. I will put down grass pieces ( forgot the term) over the spaces that I killed until I have covered the entire area.

Baltimore County Maryland

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It is puzzling that you say that your lawn is 100% crabgrass because crabgrass has not even germinated yet this year. But, if your lawn is 100% weeds than total renovation is necessary as you mention. If you decide to use glyphosate (Roundup) and lay sod now, you will need to be committed to watering the sod throughout the summer. Laying down a tarp to kill the vegetation should work pretty quickly this time of year too. Then consider laying the sod in late summer/early fall.
If you love wildlife, consider converting part of the area to a pollinator garden instead of grass. This would be the ideal time to do that.
Here are some good links to information about pollinator gardens: