Stella cherry leaves wilting after it bloomed

Asked May 8, 2018, 10:28 PM EDT

We planted this Stella cherry tree in the fall.

This spring, it bloomed and not all the leaves are wilting. I can't see anything abnormal on the trunk or branches.

I've included a few pictures. One picture is of the only green leaves left.

We planted a Ranier cherry and two apple trees at the same time and all three are doing fine.

The only other bit of (maybe) pertinent information is that the tree was root bound.

Do you have any ideas why?

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

You will need to wait and see if the tree produces a flush of healthy leaves, as it doesn’t look good. Sometimes we never know reasons plants fail. This gardening tips article from Oregon State University Extension explains a bit more why to dig up the plant and examine it, if it does die. “A dead tree or shrub? Learn from a post-mortem analysis” Tell us more about how you planted the tree? How did you compensate for the root-bound condition? A video about girdling roots: