elm tree developed by U of M or arboretum

Asked May 8, 2018, 3:11 PM EDT

I know the university did a lot of work testing the hardiness to disease of a variety of elm. I have forgotten the name of the variety. I know that you have also done a lot of testing of the different varieties that are available but I am looking for the Minnesota variety.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Thank you for contacting AaE for help.

The closest that I can find is Ulmus 'St. Croix'. The Minnesota Arboretum has a collection of hybrid and american elms. Their site states that Ulmus 'Accolade' seems to be the better hybrid.

I hope this helps.

Look at our University of MInnesota Extension publication on DED resistant Elm trees at: z.umn.edu/dedrtrees. Chad Giblin is the UM specialist researching DED Elms. gibli002@umn.edu feel free to contact Chad.