Maple tree with holes

Asked May 8, 2018, 10:23 AM EDT

We have a maple tree that appeared as though was dying. Approximately 1/3 of the tree looked dead last fall. However, this spring, there are budding leaves on 90% of it. Also, there are two, six - seven inch holes in two of the big branches. My question is, do you think the tree will make it? I have taken pictures of the tree, & could email the pictures to you.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Please send good clear photos. Also, if you can reach the holes, try inserting a screwdriver to see if the inside is solid or rotten.

Barbara, the holes are completely solid inside. Also, they are more like four to five inches tall.

Would you like more photos?

I haven't receive any photos.

Barbara, could I email the pics to you at

They can be attached at the same site where you sent your message. It allows you to upload 3 photos.

Only one photo came through and that is of the trunk. It looks like a normal maple trunk to me. They develop deep indentations that look like cracks but aren't. Maples develop rough bark as they get older. Silver maples actually shed big hunks of bark as they grow too.