Colorado natives for narrow fence line bed

Asked May 7, 2018, 1:27 PM EDT

Can you make a recommendation for low-maintenance, year-round ground cover and structural plants to plant in a 70' long, narrow (18" width) fence line bed? The bed is east facing and between the sidewalk and a wooden fence. During the summer it gets full sun until around 2pm.
I would prefer NOT to use grasses. Currently the bed is a mish-mash of a privet, volunteer Oregon grapes, day lilies, iris, Virginia Creeper, and vinca.

Boulder County Colorado

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Thank you for your response, although I am not seeing many woody plants that can fit into my 24" space.
Can you point me to some shrub-like natives with a height of 2-4' and a width no more than 30".
I would like 2-4 shrubs along the fence between which I can plant native perennials.

If you have not seen any shrubs in the web sites, you might want to go to a nursery so you can measure and read about growth of one or two you might want