dealing with zoning enforcement officials

Asked May 6, 2018, 2:45 PM EDT

over the past 20 years i have lived at my address some 13 years ago a new family moved in across the street. They were quite the pigs, and cause the ordinance officer to stop by. Because of this i was subjected to visits nearly each time, and was sighted for different issues like 4-5 different times. Each time i would go to the TWP and request to see where i was in non compliance. The last time was the first that i did have a 1962 fan trailer in my back property without a plate on it. I went from their office to the SOS and purchased a non expiring plate. That officer was later let go, the reasons are unknown to me. He was then replaced by 2 part time officers. A week ago the new officer was again at the house across the street over trash etc. and was there because the county had taken the deed for back taxes and ordered eviction of the occupants to later plans of tearing down the house. The next day the official was at my home, unannounced and on my place inspecting, I ordered him off and was given a violation notice, the 3 things listed were not violations and I spoke with the TWP supervisor and he agreed. My Question is What can be done about unfounded violations from TWP> officials to stop their harassment and intimidation so that I can continue the free use and enjoyment of my property?

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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Sometimes a new zoning administrator or enforcement officer revives township efforts to engage in regular enforcement activities, such as routine drive-arounds and responding to complaints. The enforcement official should be willing to discuss with you how the situation can be resolved. If you have not received a satisfactory response regarding resolution, you may then contact the official or body to whom that person reports. If that is the township supervisor, as your conversation suggests, you might also consider following up with written documentation of your objection. If that response is not satisfactory, you can send the written information to the township board of trustees or raise the issue during public comment at the next board meeting. You can also file an appeal of zoning enforcement actions with the zoning board of appeals. Consulting an attorney experienced in planning and zoning is also an option.