GoldenDelicious´╗┐ & 'Flom"?

Asked May 6, 2018, 1:19 PM EDT

I have a replanted-from-a-nursery Golden Delicious that was diagnosed as having 'Flom' or 'Phlom' (sp?) - which they said might or might not cure itself --- emphasis on 'not'.

Three years in, and the tree has now become a spindly hat rack. This time there are no new growth buds or leaves.

Question: is the ground that it is in, now considered as poisoned or full of that disease --- whatever that disease it? I want to plant another apple tree in the same spot - do I have to wait a year, remove all the dirt (not likely a good idea) or just give up on raising any tree in that area?

There are two other apple trees in the same yard that are prospering and looking good - so far.

Is Flom/Phlom contagious or does it need actual contact with another apple tree via the dirt - assuming that only apple trees get it?

Sorry no pixs - but imagine a non-leaved, non-fruited and basically dead looking tree, er: hatrack.

Ravalli County Montana

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Really not sure what the reference to "Flom" disease is? Based on your description, I don't see it as a soil-borne problem unless the trees is planted where it is wet which could result in collar/root rot. See

Beyond that, there are many other things that could cause your apple tree to decline. The fact the other two apple trees are doing good, I would just replace the dead tree with a new one and see how that does? Good luck.