Hello! We live on 6 cleared acres in downtown canal Winchester. We would like...

Asked May 5, 2018, 8:39 AM EDT

Hello! We live on 6 cleared acres in downtown canal Winchester. We would like to plant wildflowers on 2 of those acres to save us some time mowing this summer. I looked into the cost of purchasing seeds and it was very expensive. I was told that you might be able to provide them at no cost to me (something about bee preservation?). If so, could you please provide me with more information? Also, we might be interested in any other programs available to us involving use of the land for agricultural purposes (especially animal related- we have kids that would like to do 4H). Where do I find that type of information? Thanks!!

Franklin County Ohio

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The program that you are referring to about establishing pollinator habitat is a USDA program in the EQIP program.

I am unsure if that initiative was funded this year. I would contact the NRCS person for Franklin County to see if you are able to apply for that grant. Here is the contact linkhttps://offices.sc.egov.usda.gov/locator/app?service=action/1/ServiceCenterSummary/4/agencyToOfficeL...:
One other place you may look for information is the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative. There are many great links about establishing pollinator habitat on their site. http://www.ophi.info/ One thing to consider before you plant would be to get a soil test of the site and correct the fertility for wildflowers. You would also need to make sure that you have completely controlled all the weeds on the site prior to planting as pollinator habitat can take awhile to establish and does not compete well with weeds when young. We have soil test kits for sale at the Franklin County Extension office. franklin.osu.edu
We have two 4-H educators here in Franklin County that can talk with you about animal programs for 4-H students and how to get started in 4-H. Their emails are boomershine.10@osu.edu and hogan.239@osu.edu. Good Luck with your project!. Feel free to contact us her at the Franklin County Extension office with any questions related to the wildflower planting.