St John's Wort growth

Asked May 4, 2018, 4:49 PM EDT

If I am recollecting correctly, the St John's Wort bush I've had for about 5-6 years gets most new growth off the old limbs. This year it seems to be the other way around, most of the new growth is coming out of the ground. Just curious what is going on, and whether I should trim back the bare limbs now or wait.

Harford County Maryland

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A quick test you can do would be to scratch a small section of the bark of the old stems with your fingernail and see if there is any green tissue underneath. If there is not any green, and the stems are just brown and brittle, then those branches are dead. If you do see green tissue, you can wait for new growth to develop. You could also just prune back the bare limbs now and let the healthy new growth develop. The foliage at the base looks good and healthy.