Mint varieties tolerant of shade

Asked May 4, 2018, 2:07 PM EDT

Are there such varieties? I'd like to plant it in my woods, hoping it might crowd out stiltgrass. And deer.

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There are some mint family plants that will tolerate partial shade, such as bee balm and wild bergamot (Monarda didyma and Monarda fistulosa). Our native holly (Ilex opaca), Leucothoe, common elderberry (Sambucus), and ferns (Dryopteris) and hay-scented fern are some other choices that will tolerate shade and deer. Japanese stiltgrass is very challenging to deal with because the seeds can persist in the soil for 5+ years. Hand pulling or mowing before the plants set seed can help to keep stiltgrass under control. That said, it can take several seasons to work on eradicating the grass, as you try to establish others plants.