Zoning Ordinance Remote Access Standards

Asked May 4, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT

Keweenaw County is currently reviewing the Private Road access standards in its Zoning Ordinance. We are looking for sections from other rural zoning ordinances which may have a similar section. We have vast forests and private roads that meander through them. Large tracks of land are currently for sale. We are looking for advice.


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The April 1997 issue of Planning & Zoning News includes an article entitled “Background on Private Road or Road Easement Regulations.” The article details the minimum following elements that should be addressed in private road standards:

  • Right-of-way width
  • Maximum road length ending in a cul-de-sac
  • Maximum number of parcels served with a single connection to a public road
  • Circumstances under which the private road must be connected to other existing roads
  • Clear vision areas
  • Minimum turning radii
  • Subsurface materials and construction
  • Drainage requirements
  • Grade requirements
  • Pavement type
  • Shoulder width and surface
  • Driveway width requirements for those along a private road
  • Engineering review requirements
  • Maintenance requirements

Additionally, the January 1990 issue of Planning & Zoning News includes a more comprehensive article on the topic by attorney Clifford H. Bloom – “Regulating Private Roads.” Back issues of PZN can be ordered at: http://pznews.net/10601.html.

You might consider reading the following:

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