Economic value for dead Ash trees?

Asked May 3, 2018, 9:54 PM EDT

Hello, I have approximately 15+ dead Ash trees (EAB) on my property. As I plan for removal, I was wondering if there might some value to wood products makers? Anyone buying or removing these trees for free? I'm not trying to make money, just would like to see this hardwood put to use if it can. I just downed one this weekend, base trunk is about 22' long and 2+ fee wide. Neighbors have same problem. We're in western Howard County (Dayton, MD). Thanks!

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There is no economic value to the trees unless you can find someone to use it for firewood. If you put a sign out "free firewood", it's likely someone could use it.

Unfortunately, the entire U.S. is cutting down ash trees, due to the non-native emerald ash borer. Besides firewood, two ways to make it useful is to simply leave the dead trees (in wooded areas where they won't fall on structures, of course.) In fact, dead trees ought to be left in natural areas. Dead trees are very valuable to wildlife from birds and mammals and all the way down the food chain. Likewise, branches can be made into brush piles which wildlife also uses.
If your property doesn't allow for these uses, maybe your neighbor's does.
Saves a lot of money, too.


Thank you so much for the reply. Worth an ask, and this info is useful in how I approach managing this issue on my property.