Lilac question

Asked May 3, 2018, 5:18 PM EDT

Hello, my lilac is not well but I am not sure what is wrong. There are very few flowers, those I have are small and more than half the shrub appears to be dead. I have attached photos below. The leaves appear to be healthy to me.

Baltimore County Maryland

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We cannot determine exactly what the problem is from the photos. It would be helpful if you sent us a wide-angle photo in a reply. These do not show insect or disease problems.

Lilacs need a cold winter to bloom, otherwise they have few blooms and the blooms they have are small.
Lilacs like a higher pH (not acid) soil--pH about 6.5 or 7. You can have the soil tested to determine the pH and see if the soil needs lime to raise it to better pH.

The third photo of the branch looks like mechanical damage. However, Europen hornets often strip bark off lilacs and this can kill stems. Click here for more:

Your lilac also may need pruning to rejuvenate it, depending upon its age.