Organic lawn reseeding and fertilizer

Asked May 3, 2018, 3:14 PM EDT

We desperately need a redo on our lawn since we don't water it regularly like our former owners did. It has been recommended that we overseed with a different seed that doesn't need such nurturing. We want to do it organically (without chemical fertilizers/herbicides, etc). We really aren't sure what kind of seed we need for a front yard with partial sun and....a back yard with mostly shade. Also, what natural/safe fertilizer should we apply with the seed? Thank you for any recommendations! We are in west Michigan.

Ottawa County Michigan

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Your problem is quite common in western Michigan especially if you have sandy soils. The very first step in restoring your turf is to get a soil test ( This will tell you what you need in nutrients to keep your lawn green. If you have sandy soil, organic nutrients release the nutrients slower which helps prevent them from leaching . Michigan law restricts phosphorus fertilizer applications on lawns. (

Choosing a grass specie/variety is somewhat tricky. Different species will work better in shade and some are more drought tolerant. Check out the following links:

Here are some other links to help you:

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